Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Clinging to the Cross

I come to you often in a weak and needy state.  Impatient with myself, others and even you.  I come to you tired, drained and searching.  I come to you for answers, consolation, purification and peace.  I come to you, because I realize how much of my own behavior has brought me to this point, I am on my knees and I have no other option but to cling to you.  I take my crucifix that I have brought home from a far away place, a place oddly enough you have sent me twice and I hold it to my chest.  I close my eyes and ask for you to quiet my soul and to show me why it is you made me the way you did and how I am to proceed, to serve, to carry out the challenges before me.  When I hold you on the cross against my heart, I feel your arms wrapped around me, I feel your warmth and I don't want to let go of your cross, I realize how very much I need it.  Eventually, my mind calls me back to my daily routine and I realize how special my time with you is, how essential it is, I want to stay there longer and longer each day, because in that moment, I am what you created me for, I am stillness, I am in communion with you.  This is a moment of sweet surrender.

"Believers know that the cross is the inscrutable wisdom of God, the wisdom of love seeking its surest proof, its fullest expression for the sake of the beloved.  The mystery of the cross, for truly it is a mystery of the deepest currents of love, can only be comprehended through prayer, and then only by degrees."

"From tonight I ask you to pray even more.  Mediate on the wounds of Jesus.  Pray as much as you can in front of the crucifix."  ~ A message from Our Lady of Medjugore to the Visionaries Prayer Group

Beyer, Richard. (1993).  Medjugorje Day by Day.  Avia Maria Press.  Norte Dame, IN.


  1. Holding you in prayer, having been there many times myself.

  2. Thank you, DG. Prayers are always good and needed. God Bless.