Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day 6

Day 6, May 17, 2011:

I read a brief reflection today that stated something very simple and true, that we "cannot enjoy the fullness of life in Christ when you are still a slave, bound by addictions."  Now addictions can come in many forms, some are more apparent than others, some are private.  But, I would said that most people in their lives have struggled with one form of addiction of another.  I know in my life I have become addicted to worrying, it has become an unwelcome friend of mine, day-in and day-out.  What is unfortunate is that I am starting to see that this has lead me not to have the peace or clarity I seek.  I see that the enemy preys off of our weaknesses and addictions and for me, the enemy is good at causing me to doubt and second guess myself.  I have other areas of my life that I guess if I was really honest with myself, I would have to admit that they are a form of an addiction, and when thinking about these things, yes, I can see how they keep me away from living in the fullness of Christ.  As I said before, I get in the way a lot with my relationship with God.

Today's Fasting Prayer:
Dear Lord, thank you for the gift of a new day.  I ask that you give me the necessary graces to be free of my addictions and fears, so I may have clarity and be sensitive to your Holy Spirit and the gifts you are wanting to out pour on me.  Forgive me Lord for my doubt.  Please let your most holy and perfect will be done in my life.  Lead me Lord, I want to say Yes, but I am afraid and confused.  Heal me Lord and help me not to get in the way of that.

Also, Lord, I pray for every family member of mine.  You know the private struggles they carry in their hearts and relationships.  Pour your Holy Spirit out on them Lord and renew them.  Let your will be done in their lives and let them seek your will, Amen.

Franklin, J. Fasting:  Opening the Door to a Deeper, More Intimate, More Powerful Relationship with God. Charisma House:  Lake Mary, Florida.