Saturday, May 14, 2011

Fasting Day 3

Day 3:
Today (and really this weekend) are focused on getting past my quitting point.The weekends are usually a time when we are a little more carefree and we can allow ourselves to indulge (maybe even over indulge) because we feel like we deserve it after a tough work week.  However, today I will focus on what God deserves, which is my sacrifice, my YES to him through continuing my fast and working on perfecting it.  I see this partial fast as also a process and it highlights my weakness and impulses to the flesh so profoundly.  I think this too is a revelation from God, that through fasting more of our weaknesses and temptations are exposed.  I will stay hungry for the Lord, for I know it is HE I seek to be fed by and lead by, not the ways of this world.

Today in my book on fasting, it states that Jesus went through cities where He could do no miracles because there was no hunger.  Therefore, in this God is saying, "I'm looking for somebody who wants something.  I'm looking for somebody who will do more than show up for another church service, but they will hunger for that which I want to place in them!"

Prayer for Today's Fast"
Dear Lord, please allow me to continued to stay focus on this humble and small offering, as I know it does not compare to the ultimate sacrifice you gave us through Christ.  My weakness is pitiful and I need you to carry me through and embrace me in my weakness, which is always before me.  Guide me Lord, who am I Lord and who are you?  What are you wanting from me.  This discernment is painful and I know you have called me to something my whole life and now it is a burning desire and I feel confused and cluttered.  Grant me strength, courage and clarity so that I may know your will and follow it completely.  I also pray for all the fallen away Catholics that I know.  I ask that you anoint them Lord and create in them a desire to return home. Amen.

Franklin, J. Fasting:  Opening the Door to a Deeper, More Intimate, More Powerful Relationship with God. Charisma House:  Lake Mary, Florida.

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  1. "Jesus went through cities where He could do no miracles because there was no hunger." This line struck me and made so much sense.

    I continue to pray for you during this time. God bless..